About Us

Talking About Us – NaijaNail is a Trusted Breaking News Website. We give you credible information from every nook and cranny of the world.

NaijaNail is a home-grown website that hopes to fill the growing information gap in the local digital space.

It is a site whose structure is built upon modular information dissemination,

perfect for delivering diverse news from around the world.

Nowadays, information distribution has graduated from point-to-point transfer, to a more radical network of sources.

Incidences and stories no longer leave the source to the readers in a linear manner, rather through a sophisticated interconnection of information websites and blogs

NaijaNail sits comfortably in the new information age, acting as a sounding board for trending local news as they break. Read more about us

At a time when readers want fast-paced, “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” contents,

NaijaNail delivers without fail.

It offers news in a wide array of categories.

Readers are guaranteed not to get bored as they pore through contents on happenings and trends within and outside the country.

The website has a clean, fresh design which greatly improves how you view information.