The Nigeria President Muhammudu Buhari, finally contribute to the ongoing investigation of the Chairman of EFCC ibrahim Magu that has been suspended and hold captive.

The president senior assistant on social media Garba Shehu, stated that Mr President has some reason and as been explained, why he approve the Chairman of EFCC suspension.

Mr President mention in his statement the according to the allegations leveled against Magu and the other member if his staff, that there is a grounds for detailed investigation to carry out smoothly.

He also stated that as a proper procedure to be followed, when allegations are made against the acting Chief Executive of an institution, the Chief Executive has to step down for proper verification and investigation.

And suspension of Magu will make the the other workers carry out the investigation and go smoothly without any interruption.

He also spoken about the fight against corruption that is not what anyone beyond while is not also a static event but it’s in a dynamic and ever evolving process. In which the chairman of EFCC just fall victim. That those who examine that Mr Magu allegations and investigation as a signal that the fight against corruption and fraudulent issue failing, has generally missed.



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