The National Theatre of Nigeria, which was located in Lagos, has been handed over to the Central Bank of Nigeria.

On Sunday 13th of July the Minister of Culture and information, Lai Mohammed stated at the handing over event the ministry of information and culture will still be the one to take control of the National Theatre despite the relationship between the Federal government and the CBN, that the National Theatre will not be entitle to any private person or group of people for the sake of the Nigerians.

He said the arrangement will take place in two form that are : Respiration and Development.

Restoration of the National Theatre to it’s glory days, while the development deals with the fallow area surrounding the edifice.

The President Muhammudu Buhari said this project which was approve by him will benefit everyone, where any one won’t loss his job rather it create many employment opportunity for the citizen.

It was stated that National Theatre has been left for good over four (4) decades without renovating. The Governor of Lagos Babajide Sanwo-Olu said the collaboration of the Nigerian National Theatre with the Central Bank of Nigeria was a great opportunity because the National Theatre has been un-useful for a long period of time and is a big and useful asset for the CBN.



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