You might have heard that Nigeria is the furniture capital of West Africa. While there is no official number to back that up, it is not far from the truth. Several furniture companies in Nigeria produce quality, top-notch Furniture and upholstery.

The article highlights 7 of the best furniture companies in Nigeria. Most of them are located in Lagos state, but their activities are known far and wide, across the whole country.

  1. Lifemate Nigeria Furniture Ltd

You might remember Lifemate with their striking logo with the dolphins in it. They specialise in Furniture making, as well as other home items.

More specifically, they are into Furniture for home, office, hotels. They do wardrobes, dining sets and electrical fittings and many other items of that kind.

They have their main office at Ikeja Lagos. Their mail is and

  1. Cyrus Furniture

Cyrus has been in the furniture business for around 15 years,

and that’s enough time to build the kind of reputation that they have created for themselves.

Other than Furniture, Cyrus Furniture also making building components as well.

They are also into the importation of overseas Furniture and designs.

If you are interested in those things, you can find Cyrus furniture in Yaba, Lagos.

  1. Bedmate Furniture Nigeria

Bedmate is a large furniture company with branches across many states in the country, as well as in another West African country.

One of the peculiar features of Bedmate is their speciality in Italian designs.

They use Italian raw materials as well, which makes their Furniture durable and in high demand.

Their main showroom is located in Ikeja, Lagos, and their website is

  1. Alibert Furniture

Alibert Furniture used to be known as the most significant furniture company in the whole of Abuja. However, that was until their main Abuja caught on fire.

It didn’t take them long before they got back on their feet in business, but this time, they limited their operations to Lagos.

They make all kinds of home and office furniture (their highlight product is the living room sofa and settees) and manage an online marketplace where you can get their products from anywhere in the world.

  1. ABS Furniture

They are also responsible for gorgeous furniture designs in Lagos. They specialise in professional woodwork and supply their products to several places in Nigeria. Their office is on Victoria Island.

  1. Ausken International

Ausken is concerned with the organised importation and manufacturing of furniture products. They also import lighting and electrical fittings as well. They can be found in Oshodi, Lagos.

  1. Alno Associates

This is another moving company specialised in the installation of fittings for kitchens, bedroom and other areas.

They have their presence in Lagos. Their Address is 1&3. Idowu Omolodun Street, Mushin Lagos State Nigeria.


Furniture businesses in Nigeria are usually of good quality in design and product.

They also allow the consumers to have access to foreign furniture product and designs, through importation and overseas manufacturing.

Above are some of the best furniture companies in Nigeria.

They have their primary addresses in Lagos, but most of them have addresses in other areas of the country, or a website where you can order their product from anywhere you might be.



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