This article highlights some of the telecommunication companies that have their businesses in Nigeria.

It will be based on their telephone and internet service provisions.

Telecommunication can be technical,

especially when you think about all the electromagnetic and wired transfers that go on between systems.

However, what should concern you as a consumer in Nigeria,

is the closeness of these systems to you, and how they make you use things like the internet, telephone capabilities and so on.

MTN Nigeria – Telecommunication Companies in Lagos, Nigeria

The list opens up with one of the most prominent telecommunication players in the country.

One interesting fact about MTN Nigeria is that it has its origins in South Africa.

It found its way into Nigeria to become its first wireless telecommunications company.

Top Best Telecommunication Companies in Nigeria


MTN enjoys massive popularity among the internet-active part of the population,

and it manages to keep them engaged with competitive services.


MTN makes up to 35% of its entire revenue from Nigeria alone,

due to its presence here.


Globacom (or Glo, as it is popularly called),

is the first home-grown telecommunications company based in Nigeria.

The company was, at the time,

regarded as the appropriate response to MTN’s entry into Nigeria’s telecommunication space.

It’s been able to achieve significant developments for the country as well.

Glo built a high-strength,

an underwater fibre-optic cable system that runs from the UK to Nigeria.

The project cost around $800 million,

and Globacom named it the “Glo-1”.

They were the first company to achieve this feat.

Airtel Nigeria

You might recognise Airtel for a lot of internet-related reasons.

However, they have their operations in 14 different countries in Africa outside of Nigeria.

Are one huge telecommunications company in Nigeria.

Also, have a significant history as well.

Airtel Fastest Telecommunication Companies in Nigeria

They did not always bear the name “Airtel”,

and the ownership of the company changed a few times in the past.

Used to be called Zain (Baby Boomers would remember that one!)

until Bharti Airtel (which is based in the Netherlands) decided to buy the company.

NTel – One of the Biggest Telecommunication Companies in Nigeria

NTel (which spells out Nigeria Telecommunications Limited)

is another big telecommunication company in Nigeria which took the country by storm.

It started around four years ago (July 2016),

making it one of the most recent telecoms service providers around.

They are known for operating in just three states of the federation and offering only LTE services.

LTE services can be used for Voice over IP (VoIP) Calls,

Video Streaming, and 4G calls.

Smile Nigeria

Smile Nigeria is another Telecoms company whose business model is similar to NTel.

It also offers internet and other broadband services.

However, it differs in reach:

it is available in 8 cities in the country.

It started in 2014 and steadily built itself as one of the go-to LTE-only services in the country at the moment.

Swift Network Ltd

Swift Network has been around for close to two decades.

They opened shop in 2002 but restricted their activities to the major cities within Nigeria.

Their services are significantly extensive, however.

They offer internet broadband,

video conferencing,



web and mail hosting.


The name “9Mobile” isn’t as popular as what it used to be called previously.

It used to be called “Etisalat”

until Emirates Telecommunication Group Company decided the Nigerian wing of the brand.

Even up till now,

people still call the brand Etisalat,

also though it is now 9Mobile.

9Mobile leverages on past glory to keep up with the big players in the Nigerian Telecommunication Industry.

It is considered to be the distant fourth of the most commonly used telecommunication brand at this point.


With the slew of LTE-only services in the country,

Spectranet is another telecommunication company that decided to jump on the train.

They are a diligent brand,

and they got the Broadband Company of the year for their efforts.

That says a lot positively about a company that started in 2016.

However, their services are still limited to Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Ibadan as of yet.

Summing-up on Telecommunication Companies in Nigeria

It can be beneficial to know the number of telecommunications companies in Nigeria.

Not only does it expose you to the options you can choose from,

but also gives an idea about the size of the telecommunication space as it is at the moment.



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