The United States president make it noted that foreign students whose class operate online should kindly leave the country or face deportation processing.

The state ICE stated that the state Department will not Issue visas to students which enrolled in school and many other program that are fully online course because of the covid 19 pandemic while the US Customs and Border Protection will not permit those visa student to the United States. The student life has are threatened for going to class or get deported.

A student stands with his belongings while moving out from his dormitory Via Getty Images

The F-1 visas student which are the one’s to attend high school, college or several other kinds of educational program in the United States, well as the M-1 student which are required for vocational program are affected by the new rules of the state’s President.

This announcement was made clearly after some hours Harvard University said it would only offer online classes for the 2020-2021 session which is the first institution to announce a full semester online class.

The Harvard University also make it stated that 40% of the underground/acting-student can only be allowed to return to campus for in person classes with fully instructions guided

The state’s college are still weighting their options in the sense that some are planning on operating on hybrid models while some are planning to hold in person classes.



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